Free Music and Sound Effects

Great site with tons of free music ready for download instantly.

This site provides free royalty free loops, sound effects and music at no cost to you. All sound effects and music from this website can be used for ringtones, websites, commercials, video games, school projects, film scores, powerpoint presentations or any other audio project that requires royalty free music. You can download free mp3 files, divided into sections:


Animal sounds from the, forest, wild, domestic, and any other wildlife avilable on the planet.

Beeps, Buttons

Free beeps sound effects which can range from clicks, pops, dings, buttons sounds, interface beeps, hard tones, and any one shot sound lasting from 1- 3 seconds with a hard attack and quick decay.


Drum kits, snares, highhats, bass drums, kick drums and all other percussion samples.


Futuristic and electronic sound effects such as laser blasts or alien ships from a far off galaxy.


Sound effects from everyday ojects that can be found in any home or office such as printers, phone rings, door closing, etc.


Free Human Sounds. These sounds can range from a person laughing, coughing, sneezing, a baby vrying, person yawning, expressions of happiness, sadnes or any other human emotions or sounds that can be made by a human being.


Free sounds of electric motors, engines, heavy machinery, household machnines and any other electrical or mechanical machinery.


Free royalty free animal sounds from the, forest, wild, domestic, and any other wildlife avilable on the planet.


Free scary, dark, ominous tones and sound effects ranging from creatures to creeks and spooky noises.

Sci Fi

Free Sci-Fi Sound effects. Sounds in this section range from spooky long dragging sounds to futuristic lasers, alarms, and sonar effects.


Vehicle and transport sound effects. These sounds range from cars, airplanes, boats, motorcycles or any other method of transport.


Voices sound effects. These voices can range from strange to robotic, female, male, babay or any other being that can speak.


Slow and relaxing Ambient music. Music in this section ranges from slow tweeky atmospheric sounds to loungy soft rhythmic beats.


Free breakbeat music ranging from funky breaks to hard hitting new school beats.

Drum and Bass

Free drum and bass music ranging from hard hitting jungle beats to underground concrete funk.


Electro Instrumentals, Music and Beats fro free download. Hard Miami Bass beats with a new age electronic touch.

Hip Hop

Free Hip Hop and Rap Instrumentals and Beats . Music in this section is great fro rap demos or hip hop instrumental demos.


Free hard hitting industrial beats.


Jazz Instrumentals, Music Loops and Beats. This section provides smoth sounds of piano, horns and groovy drums.

Synth Melodies

Free synthesizer melodies which can be be used to fill in parts in a production peice or just for some great sound effects to a game.

Techno, House, Trance

Free Techno, House, Trance music which ranges from pounding straight dance beats to progressive four on the flour dance all night jams and any forms of electronica.