Hit The Single – A Tribute To Kurt J. Moser’s Hit Single

Cover versions of Kurt J. Moser’s Hit Single by various artists in different styles.

In spring 2011 the singer/songwriter Kurt J. Moser from Deutschnonsberg (South-Tyrol/Italy) and the netlabel Airbagpromo Records asked the public to get creative, grab their instruments and mics, and record a cover of Kurt’s ironic song „Hit Single“. This idea motivated people to send in their own version of the song, leading to 9 results in different styles. For you, we packed the original song and all these cover versions on our new compilation called „Hit The Single – A Tribute To Kurt J. Moser’s Hit Single“.
Enjoy the music from the following contributing artists: Kurt J. Moser (Singer/Songwriter), Jörg Zemmler (Electronic), Jesus Christ Superfuzz (Garage Rock), WIARM (Indietronic), ADM (Spacedoom/Ambient), Jambalaya News (Country), Jim Pansen (Schmock-Pop), Corax (Dubstep Breakbeat) and rhd feat. Simon Plaickner (Ambient Metal). Grab your free download copy now from our website www.airbagpromo.com/records.

Website: http://www.airbagpromo.com/records/